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Rold Gold animated banner toys for tots 2023

Rold Gold RODS toys for tots 2023

The Gold Standard in Pretzel

Our Products

Rold gold® tiny twists Original
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Rold Gold® Sticks Original
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Rold gold® tiny twists Cheddar
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Rold Gold® Rods Original
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ROLD GOLD® Thins Original
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ROLD GOLD® Tiny Twists Original Fat Free
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Rold gold® braided Honey Wheat
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Rold Gold® Heartzels® Original
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About Us

We’ve been making pretzels for more than 100 years. And those pretzels have starred in movies and sitcoms, and even seen their fair share of World Series’ before TV was a thing.

From the golden age of cinema to golden gloves and beyond, we do it all for the salty snackers, the crunch chasers, the daring dippers, and curious combiners; for the folks who know the joy of a good pretzel.

Whether you’re relishing a hoppy IPA, a helping of hummus, a sweet spoonful of hazelnut spread, or any one of your other favorite things, Pretzel Makes Perfect. Just Add Gold.

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